Use Twitter some friggin SEO for god sakes:

Inbound links, or backlinks hold a lot of weight in search engine algorithms These links tell the spiders that this website obviously has some valuable information.

When developing an inbound link strategy many people overlook Twitter. Since twitter wasn’t developed to deal with backlinks. However, it is possible to utilize Twitter to increase your links. In fact, since Twitter is generally considered to be the 2nd largest social media site, with something like eight million users, it is advisable to utilize it in any marketing strategy, as a way of expanding your broadcast potential.

Ten tips to get quality followers.

  1. Tweet recent blog posts.
  2. Tweet sales and specials
  3. Tweet blog post comments
  4. Tweet press release information
  5. Tweet older posts to revitalize interest
  6. Tweet in response – to every tweet directed to you
  7. Retweet good content (Tweets) you receive from those you follow
  8. Thank those that Retweet your tweets through Direct Messages.
  9. 8-9 AM 4-7 P are know as peak time for Twitter use.
  10. Figure out the balance of to much and not enough. 1 a week not enough, 150 a day way to much. 5 – 10 a day is what some suggest.

/Justin Makler

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One thought on “Use Twitter some friggin SEO for god sakes:

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