Vook Raises 2.5M in seed money – Video + Book = Vook

The Vook

Vook, a maker of multimedia e-books that are part-video, part-text has just scooped up a hefty sum of cash in a recent round of funding. According to the New York Times the Vook has raised $2.5 million. The investors include Kenneth Lerer, the chairman of the Huffington Post. – Full Story –  http://j.mp/a1JIKs

The Vook, what the heck is it?

As far as I can tell, someone had this crazy idea to add video to a book. Then they had to come up with a name so they thought book + Video = Vook. Bingo!.

Vook digital books can be plaid on a Mac or a PC and even a lot of smart-phones. I’m guessing they have a tablet/ipad strategy because these days who isn’t working on one. However I am curious to see the business plan. The video production costs alone seem like it would keep the company from ever making it at  a price point of 9.99

Today they don’t have much in the way of content, but with the 2.5M they I’m sure they will buy some. The next title in the works is Ann Rice’s book the Master Of Rampling Gate. I wish them all the luck.

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