What does Google’s Buzz mean for local media?

Google Buzz

I’m not sure I have the answer but I do know I’m getting claustrophobic with all these elephants in the room.

I am not one to predict the future but I can tell you what’s right in front of me. Tonight sitting on the couch I launch Buzz on a G1 and within seconds I learn more about by neighbors and neighborhood than I have learned since the day I moved in.

Location Aware – “The Web doesn’t get much more local, immediate and real than speech bubbles pinned to a map, representing things people in your neighborhood said five minutes ago.” –  digitaltrends.com

Some of what I learned within 5 min of browsing buzz on my phone.

  1. “There is a car wreck with a fatality on 601 traffic backing up big time” This is less than a half mile from my house.
  2. I find out that my favorite Italian  restaurant is not a good idea tonight. “Now where should we go? Salvatore has a 30 min wait”
  3. Two blocks away I learn – “There is some creepy guy on a bike that keeps circling the block 1 more time and I’m calling the 5.0 on his ass”
  4. “Jack D is a doodoo head” – funny thing is I think I know who Jack D is and he is a doodoo head.
  5. I learned what bar not to take my wife tonight for a quick drink. “There is a girl dancing on the bar in Buff Freds and she is about to fall on her head.
  6. I learned that I really need to move the bikes from the backyard to the garage. “I’m having the worst day of my life. Not only was my car broken into my bike was stolen god I need 2 move.
  7. Looking at a profile from someone that lives across the street. I learn that he has a really cool title and works for Ford Motor Companies Online Division.

Ok, so this isn’t the same hard-hitting quality news that I get from my local paper, my nightly news or even my local blogger. It is also true that I did have to wade through some noise to get to the gold nuggets hidden inside. However, I can’t think of a single source where I could have gotten this kind of information, this timely.

Better Filtering than what Facebook or Twitter has to offer can help filter the noise.

The saga continues: Today it was announced that Google bought Aardvark, the company only has 90,000 users but 88% of the questions sent to Aardvark received answer and in most cases, within minutes. The press releases did not suggest that this has anything to do with Buzz. However I see it as a natural fit.

Advark has is the ability to match questions to the best people to answer the questions. I can think of some good use cases from finding a plumber,  where to buy a car, etc..

What’s next for Google Buzz? Not sure what’s on their minds but after tweaking the UI of Buzz I would guess they would start to enhance the local aware abilities.

This is what I would target.

  1. Classified type service like a craigslist
  2. Employment
  3. Dating service like a match.com
  4. Autos
  5. Real-estate
  6. Coupons or a foursquare.comMytown.com
  7. Fire sales
  8. Then think about world domination

The Shortlink – http://wp.me/pOR8I-4V

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