AP helps grow Facebook or is it the other way around?

Smart move or certain death?

The AP has made a move to link most of their Twitter updates into full stories being hosted on their Facebook Fan Page. It’s definitely not an SEO strategy but it could be a strategy to grow their online community?

Why would anyone do this?

They already has their content on Google which prevents any real traffic coming from Google to their own site. A failed SEO as a lot of the comments on Tech Crunch suggest. Using the power of Twitter to send people into the strongest social network we know seems like a great way to grow an engaged community. Facebook can be a great viral marketing tool if used correctly. When a FB user comments on a story, all there whole social network is notified. Thus growing the possible of growing their fan base which today looks to be 9,618. It will be interesting to watch to see if this works for them.

A lot of users can’t understand why they just don’t add comments and social media into their own site, or why not just use Facebook connect. The simple answer is that it would never drive the same amount of eyeballs that a Twitter/Facebook combo would. Facebook does drive traffic to ones site, but it drives even more traffic within their walls. If I was the AP I would push my Twitter type links to as many social networks as I can. I think people are confused by a strategy like this because it’s not one that revolves around http://www.MySite.com. It’s bringing the conversation to the people and not waiting for them to come to you.

Update February 23rd: Within 24 hours the AP has gotten 400 new “friends”. This is a pretty good 24 hour bump if you ask me.

At least this is my take on the situation. – Justin Makler

Quantcast has the AP at 8.1M unique visits & Facebook is at 124M. – Jan 2009



The Shortlink: http://wp.me/pOR8I-6G

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