Did yahoo just come up with a better idea than google?

Breaking news, Yahoo is no longer trying to build their own Social Media platform.

The Twitter deal with Yahoo is similar to the deal that they struck with Facebook a while back. It’ definitely more interesting than the the Twitter search partnerships with Google and Bing.

  1. Ability to update status/ view updates from your followers from Yahoo: This means that Yahoo will become your Twitter client, allowing you to update your status from multiple locations on Yahoo.
  2. Yahoo Search and media integration: Public Twitter updates will be integrated throughout Yahoo Search, News, Finance and Entertainment.Yahoo will have full access to the Twitter data firehose, which means real-time updates in Yahoo Search, among other integrations. Goal is to improve relevancy, freshness and search results, and drive user engagement.
  3. This means that Yahoo most likely will become most peoples Twitter destination and this makes Twitter become more of a function.Yahoo will be rolling out the first phase “immediately,” that will include the real-time search integration.
  4. As for the other integrations, they will launch later this year.

Wonder what Msft’s Bing has in the works, their due for a “one-up”.


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