Is twitter growing to fast?

Are the Buzz ‘ards circling?

Twitter has been announcing a new deal just about every Monday since the begging of the year. They are growing at a pace that is just staggering, but are they growing to fast?

As Twitter grows in popularity will they be able to keep up with the technology to support it. Server capacity hasn’t been the only issue, mis-directed tweets and phishing scams have also been plaguing the system recently.

I think the two are very different tools and there is a need for both. Buzz is for crowd sourcing/feedback and twitter is where I call out to all my home boyz and tell them where the party is at.

BTW: It’s been pointed out to me that Buzz was down this previous weekend. I was out of town and hadn’t heard that. Still catching up on my large buzz stream.

Screen shots taken tonight at 11:33 PM


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