Justin Makler’s Bio

Justin Makler has spent 20 years in the media industry which includes Newspapers, Broadcasting and Magazines. His focus as well as his passions have always been around the media industry and the interactive products that grow the online businesses and create new revenue opportunities.

Justin has a phenomenal understanding of interactive media and the technology’s behind the products. He takes a passionate, but still pragmatic approach to his work.

In the early 90’s you could find him on a 1,200 baud modem as well as working after hours on an Educational CD Roms. Today his time is spent on next generation interactive environments such as major social media networks, iPad, iPhone, eReaders and Mobile developments.

Some of the amazing brands Justin Makler has worked with include Esquire.com, Bazaar.com, Goodhousekeeping.com, Seventeen.com, Marieclaire.com, seattlepi.com, Sfgate.com, Chron.com, King Features Syndicate, Maxim, Women.com and Hearst Argyle.

Accomplishments and Publications:

  • 1996 – Hearst Eagle Award for outstanding efforts for an Interactive Project & Educational CD-ROM Presented by Hearst Newspapers Senior VP George Irish
  • 1997 – Macromedia CD ROM First New Media Fest – 2nd place for in multi-platform Educational CD-ROM
  • 1998 – Editor and Publisher writeup for “Interactive Excellence in Media”
  • 2001 – Led the first ever simultaneous launch of a Print Magazine and Magazine Website for Cosmogirl.com under Cathie Black, President Hearst Magazines
  • 2003-2007 Bi-yearly presentation to new NYU Journalism Students about the “Future of Interactive Media and News Gathering Tools of the Future.”
  • 2001 – Interviewed for Folio Magazine’s “Content management systems that don’t break the bank.”
  • 2001 – Interview: Web Design that works: Secrets of Successful Web Design by Lisa Baggerman
  • 2003 – Selected by Hearst senior management for their “Up and Comers Hearst Executives” book.
  • 2004 –Mins Web Site Awards – Esquire.com Honorable Mention
  • 2005 – Created a promotional video and interactive presentation for Al Sikes Reade Foundation.
  • 2006 – Press Releases – Launch of Hearst Digital Media – March 20th 2006 AllBusiness
  • 2009 – Seattle PI Transition traditional print brand to a successful online only paper
  • 2009 – Managed video prototype of Tablet/iPad Newspaper, deployment is currently underway
  • 2010 – Lead a Twitter and Facebook strategy that grew the followers/fanbase by 800% as well as instituted a way to monetize the initiative.

Where to find Justin Makler



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